The 7 Steps For Your Miracle

Miracle is something which only God can do.

Destiny is you get because you deserve, but miracle is you get although you’re not deserve.

M – Mold me in Your plan (Let God hold whole of your life & just make God happy – Maleakhi 3:1-4)

I – Intimacy (Be the true worshipper ‘cause only people who intimate with God who know what they should do exactly – Matthew 6:7-8, 33)

R – Response (Have positive (right) responses of all things happen, just keep on praying & surrender to God – Yesaya 30:15)

A – Attitude (Keep in good manner always – Genesis 39)

C Christ died for me (This is the greatest miracle of your life – Luke 23:34)

L – Less of me but more of God (Let God become more and more in your life – )

E – Extraordinary season (Don’t let this miracle season goes away, catch it! Be the God seeker!)

Tuhan Yesus memberkati.